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Dear Customer,


welcome to the wholesale with the big selection.

We are also offering a collection of very rare herbs.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find your desired herb.

Many items which we offer are not in stock but we just order them after you order it.

These items are categorized as "no stock"

We are informing you that some of the current prices are not fix  because prices can be changeable sometimes specially the " no stock " items.

After you order we will send you an updated order confirmation with the right prices but first you will get an automatic order confirmation. Of course you can change your order or  cancel it.

In case you need bigger quantities we can offer you a reasonable prices.

There are 2 ways which might confuse you a bit.

1. In the shop we don't mentioned about the shipping costs and also in the automatic order confirmation  the shipping costs will shown as 0. The reason is that the shipping costs are depending  on the weight of your order. You can check the costs for your country under "shipping costs " . We will send you the updated order confirmation.

2. In the Shop you will see that we are offering the items in units.To order it: for EXAMPLE if you order 500g Damiana you will get it in 1 packet but if you order many times like 3x Damiana we will not send you 3 bags instead we will put it as 1500g in 1 packet.But if you wishes to pack in a different way you should contact as soon as possible.There could be additional charge for it.